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23 Aug @Modernsky Lab Hock/Hydraslug/Many Faced God/Rampage Time/Warshaped/Blood of Life

Pulled Apart by Horses

Inspired by the attempted-but-failed dismemberment of Peruvian rebel leader Tupac Amaru II by Spanish colonial authorities, and is a lengthy, groovy, and vicious representation of that feeling.



We went off the deep end and into some murky waters for this split EP with Kalte Sonne, and we couldn’t be happier with the result!!



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Alpaca is a sludge doom metal band from Shanghai who formed in late 2015. Composed of four individuals from different countries, they have become a prominent figure to emerge from the Shanghai underground music scene. Alpaca have noted Down, Eyehategod, Crowbar, Corrosion of Conformity, Red Fang, Mastodon, and Melvins as key influences to their sound. Alpaca’s riffs feature layers of feedback and down-tuned guitar and bass tones that are drowned in dark Southern blues. Combined with deep semi-melodic growling vocals that occasionally even reach black-metal styled pitches, the outcome is a gravely, rasping, and savage sound. They have played with some the best bands China’s underground scene has to offer, playing in various cities around the country, and played a six-show tour in Japan in late 2017. They have also organized and performed in their annual SHANGHELLFEST, the bi-monthly SHANGHORRORFEST, and the 2017 charity event, SHANGHEARTFEST.

Alpaca 是来自上海的泥泞/厄运金属乐队,组建于 2015 年末,由来自世界不同角落的乐手组成。经由几年的经营,在上海地下音乐中逐渐展露头脚,并与许多中国地下音乐圈中鲜明的旗帜在各个城市共同作战过,于 2017 年下半年经历了六站的日本巡演,并负责组织一年一次的 SHANGHELLFEST 音乐节以及其他系列演出。Alpaca 的音乐深受 Down、Eyehategod、Crowbar、 Corrosion of Conformity、Red Fang、Mastodon 与 Melvins 的影响。Riff 中降调的吉他、贝斯与啸叫 的音墙层层逼近,像在陈年威士忌中堕至深渊的南方布鲁斯,若有似无的旋律唱腔呢喃嚎叫着,偶尔渗出一丝邪恶的黑金属气息,野蛮、刺鼻又沉重。