Slow and Painful Death


Black Stars

Alpaca’s first LP, “Black Stars” explores the lyrical themes of a hellish dark world through heavily distorted riffs, deep rumbling bass lines, and slow head bobbing grooves. Fuzzy and deep southern blues are omnipresent on the album and its yarning growling vocals make it a truly memorable experience.


Upcoming Gigs

Date Location With
Oct 19 South Korea @Club Sharp Guevnna
Oct 20 South Korea @GBN Livehouse Guevnna
October 25 Rock Shanghai w/ Grito (Mexico)
Oct 27 Taiwan Death Metal Fest Taipei – Taiwan @Jack Studio
Oct 28 Taiwan Death Metal Fest Kaohsung – Taiwan @Paramount Bar
Nov 9 Shanghai @Harley's Eternal Elysium/Shanghai Hell Brewery
Nov 10 Beijing @13 Club Eternal Elysium/Never Before/Electric Lady/Nous/Platypus
Dec 6 Shanghai @MaoLivehouse Faux Fighters