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Jan 11 SHANGHELLFEST 2020 Shanghai @YYT Impure Injection/King of Lazy/Disanxian/Never Before
Feb 28 WILD DOG FEST Hangzhou @Mao Livehouse Never Before/…

Pulled Apart by Horses

Inspired by the attempted-but-failed dismemberment of Peruvian rebel leader Tupac Amaru II by Spanish colonial authorities, and is a lengthy, groovy, and vicious representation of that feeling.



We went off the deep end and into some murky waters for this split EP with Kalte Sonne, and we couldn’t be happier with the result!!



A current staple in the Shanghai heavy metal scene as well in sludge/doom circles in China, Alpaca delivers a sound that stands out from other local acts. Slow, groovy, sludgy, heavy, doomy, fuzzy, and bluesy are ways that fans have described the band’s style, in addition to incorporating styles such as stoner/desert rock, hardcore, and occasionally even black metal.

After forming in 2015, Alpaca has toured all over China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, as well as Spain and Portugal, playing anywhere from local bars, livehouses, squathouses, and large festivals. Its members are world citizens, hailing from Madrid, Padua, Taipei, and Montreal, but currently call Shanghai their home.

The band’s appreciation and application of a DIY ethic is evident in their approach to writing, rehearsing, touring, merch, and recording, the latter proven with their very own Molten Steel Studios. As of 2019, Alpaca has released two EPs (Carcosa and All Will Fail, later released as a full-length LP entitled Black Stars), three split EPs (Slow and Painful Death, with Japanese disco-doom band Guevnna; Drown with Spanish post-metal band Kalte Sonne; and Pulled Apart by Horses with fellow Beijing sludge metal band S.H.A.S.), and a noted fondness of releasing limited pressings of cassettes from live shows or past releases.

Currently in the process of recording their second LP, Alpaca is devoted spreading their unique genre of (slow heavy metal music playing…) around China, Asia, and wherever their sludgy path takes them next.