Upcoming Gigs

Date Location With
Nov 27 Taiwan@Revolver Bar EyeHateGod/Miser
Jan 11 SHANGHELLFEST 2020 Shanghai @YYT Impure Injection/King of Lazy/Disanxian/Never Before
Jan 23 Sacramento CA @Cafe Colonial Astral Cult/Three Towers/Crimson Eye
Jan 24 Crockett CA @Toots Tavern Astral Cult/Three Towers/Crimson Eye
Jan 25 San Francisco CA @TBC Astral Cult/Disastroid/Three Towers/Crimson Eye
Jan 26 Los Angeles CA @TBC Yidhra/Three Towers
Jan 27 Palm Springs CA @TBC Three Towers
Jan 28 Phoenix AZ @Yucca Tap Room Sorxe/Stone Witch
Jan 29 Tucson AZ @Congress Club Stone Witch/Copper Magma/Demon Grass
Jan 30 Bisbee AZ @The Quarry Copper Magma/…
Jan 31 El Paso TX @TBC Mortales/Grito
Feb 1 Odessa TX @TBC Mortales
Feb 2 San Antonio TX @TBC Mortales/Amygdala
Feb 3 Austin TX @Lost Well Mortales
Feb 4 Dallas TX @TBC Mortales
Feb 5 Houston TX @TBC Mortales
Feb 7 New Orleans LA @TBC
Feb 22 Shanghai @YYT Solidal/The Flood/Acid Coma
Feb 28 WILD DOG FEST Hangzhou @Mao Livehouse Never Before/…