Slow and Painful Death


Alpaca (Shanghai, China) and Guevnna (Tokyo, Japan) have teamed up to set your cassette decks ablaze. Having visited one anothers’ countries, a hellspawned bond, friendship, and comradery was born through common influences, styles, and spirit. Alpaca’s “Slow and Painful Death” is a new approach to songwriting that encompasses various styles, and is a noticeable departure from the Black Stars formula. Nevertheless, doom, sludge, groove, metal, and some deep fuckin’ southern blues are ever-present. “Street Demon” punches you straight in the jaw from the get-go. GUEVNNA is known for their groovy doomy tracks that can get any crowd moving, and this track is no exception. An absolutely rock-solid contribution to this split from the kings of Japanese underground doom.

The song “Slow and Painful Death”:

The whole split: